Don’t you think girls should arrange her own finances for her marriage????

Hello ladies ,

I am deeply saddened to here the stories of some girls specially those whose parents cannot afford their marriages and still they don’t have that feeling of responsibility…

Actually its not that whether your parents are financially stable or not stable, it’s about how you help them to finance your own marriage.

Parents right from your birth put their whole and soul in bringing you up and giving you the best from their abilities. Don’t you think so you should atleast bother to help them save some and spend from your pocket for you own wedding!!!

I firmly believe in this. Being educated and self dependant,if you cannot afford this definately you are not worth it.

So girls think for them ,you would have a second family soon but it’s not the end to your first family and towards their responsibility! 

If you ask me you should not only help in with this but always make sure that you always pay them back by financially supporting them even after your marriage. It’s not always the responsibility of a man ,be a women to be a son of your Mom dad!!!

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Tips to darken Heena stains #Weddingdaseason

Hey gorgeous ladies,

It’s the wedding season & well you all know how important is to have that dark colour of Heena on your hands n feet.

Henna is primarily most important part of brides bucket list. And every other girl banks on the best quality of henna for it to get the dark Color. Moreover its not only brides but all others who apply it may or not may be any occasion , one always wishes for a good dark colour stain of henna.

So here are the tips & tricks

💡Wash your hand and feet and pat try before applying Heena

💡Take one lemon juice and add 2 spoons of sugar. Mix well until sugar dissolves and dab the same with cotton on your henna before it if completely dry on your hands and feet

💡 After may three or four hours , once it is dry and starts to wear of , Apply Vicks / Amrutangan balm else you can also apply chuna(lime powder) 

💡On the next day , put some black cloves (lavang) on pan and once the same is hot. Take the steam on your palms and hands and your done

💡Always apply the Heena 2 days before the occassion and start mostly after you lunch.

💡Make sure you don’t put your hands in water for atleast 12 hours

💡Don’t Wash your hairs with shampoo after you put heena
I hope you all liked the tips and tricks.

Do try and let me know the results in comments

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The ghostly night 😫

While I was cooking in the kitchen with my roomie she showed me the video she captured from previous night of the rains and hail storm.

I asked her to let me know if these happens today as well, and that I shall accompany her to see te Beauty of the nature.

& I dozed off by 11 that night. When I was about to go into the deep sleep , I remember I heard someone was on the door. Someone came in, usually this is very normal that some or the other person comes late night at home.

And then I felt as if someone probably a black shadow of girl similar to my friend came near my bed and holded my hand which was below my head tried to pull me saying ‘come Nikita ,let’s go, let’s go’.

I was struggling to get out of bed with some strange feeling of being sleep paralytic. I opened my eyes just to see that no one was around and the door was as usual locked from inside.

This night was as every other night but turned to be a very ghotsly night giving me goosebumps and still I can’t forget that feeling of her pulling me out of my bed.

A dream which I felt like a live situation and a worst night mare.

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Hair & Scalp Care with Essential Oils!!!

Hellos Friends,

Hair Care is utmost important and ignored part of us. These days pollution , chemical often impacts hair and scalp.

So here are few tips on how different Oils and be life savers for your Hair and Scalp…

Coconut Oil :  Messaging your hair and scalp with Coconut oil is traditional approach which nourishes and softens your hair making it full of life.

Almond Oil : Almond oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which nourishes scalp and prevents hair loss and is best for damaged hair

Amla Oil : Amla Oil is anti fungal and anti bacterial and also helps blood flow to scalp and most important benefit is prevention from greying.

Coconut with Camphor : Heat the Coconut oil and then put 2/3 button sized camphor ,mix until dissolved in oil. Apply this oil with piece of cotton onto your scalp , leave overnight and shampoo. This is the best way to reduce dandruff from your hair and scalp.

Coconut oil with Hibiscus : Same as above heat the oil and put hibiscus flower in the hot oil and leave aside for 10 to 15 minutes ,Remove the flower and then apply the oil on your hair and scalp.(Else you can grind the flowers and mix in oil ) . Hibiscus Oil simulates hair growth and nourishes your hair and scalp.

Most importantly Apply Oil atleast once in a week and keep it overnight and shampoo the next day for best results.

Do share your comments and reviews on Femotions Hair and Scalp care tips.

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He was my boyfriend but now a Husband:) :)

Hello Ladies,

I was once wondering how would it make a difference in him before and after marriage. Would a wedlock means that his love will fade and so would our relationships essence???

Today when i am finally a ‘MRS’ to him my all unasked questions are answered…..

I saw a big difference in him and his behavior which does not mean in a negative way, infact the difference is in the bond which he has with me. His nature,his support, care and belongingness has just grown immensely powerful.

The way he calls me Wife, Bayko and all those words meaning MRS and the way he shouts out this to the world make me feel much more secured and loved which is just beyond comparison.

He has grown in his own way to be more matured and responsible person , responsible toward me!!!

Rest all is the same , our madness, our love for each other, our compatibility.

This is about my story after marriage… Whats yours??

I believe that the love,affection and bond beholds in each others heart and is not bound to change before or after for any couples.

Why is it Important for a girl to be educated????

Hello World!!!

Luckily i am in this century where Female Education rate is progressing day by day.

But still i believe their is the other side wherein educating a girl is merely having any IMPORTANCE.


Why still people have this thinking that ‘Shaadi k baad ladki ko sirf ghar sambhalana hota hai’???

I see many educated boys around me saying ‘meri biwi shaadi k baad job chod degi, kya karna hai usko job ka ?? main hoon na??? ‘

Living in 21st century and having people around with such thoughts make me go numb….

Its high time for people to understand the importance of a girl being educated!!!

By Educating her not only would give her opportunities to excel in her professional lives but she can also help you personally, professionally,financially, emotionally in your good and god forbid if anything happens , she would stand with you and your family and for herself in tough times too!!! 

Educate Girl Child, She is not always meant to be in kitchen!!!!


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