5 essentials to carry in your bag during summer!!!

Summer is here!!!!

Dear Ladies,

With sun above us ,during this hot and steamy summer seasons here are few essentials picks you need to carry in your hand bags.

1. Water bottle :

First and foremost essential is a bottle of water. Dehydration is very common as we don’t drink so much water which satisfies the thirst and the water levels our body requires

2. Source of instant energy ( Orange /Lemon piece / Glucon D powder )

You can really add lemon juice / Glucon d into water you have or grab an orange from bag to recover from the weakness you feel from dehydration. A Quick fix to refresh you

3. Glares

The most important thing to prevent your eyes from direct sunlight. The more you are eyes are covered with proper glares the less you well feel tired from sunny day

4. Scarf or an umbrella

Like you are eyes your head too needs to be covered from the sun as umbrella or scarf would absorb the direct sunlight falling in your head and would help you in being cooler

5. Refreshing tissue wipes

Summer leads to perspiration leads to dehydration.Well all above picks may help you being dehydrated and cooler but at same time tissue wipes will help you get rid of perspiration from your face and would make you feel fresh instantly

Lastly Don’t forgot to keep some sugary candies in your bag to maintain your sugar levels.

Happy summer!!!

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