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While he was not around

We were living out of country for work and as he decided to switch his job, their came a day when he had to exit for new visa processing.

At first I felt that it’s time enjoy the me time, suddenly the daily routines were on pause mode. I used to cook only one time shortcut cooking is what I say. Had manny rice variations in that week. Use to wake up late and had that cheese toast and cheese paratha for whole week. I really had nothing to do after Office and mainly our house was as neat as it was in morning for the rest of the week.

But I realized , this leisure time was no longer a point of happiness for me. That routine of waking up and making lunch for us,his presence , that little mess of ours in our house , that daily chores , that boredom of chores during weekend I soon felt wanting all those.i felt half hearted , I felt something was missing in me and thus I understood my life is around my husband and so is his.

We are like Tom n jerry , we love to hate each other but that is what always keeps our bond the strongest.

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