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The ghostly night 😫

While I was cooking in the kitchen with my roomie she showed me the video she captured from previous night of the rains and hail storm.

I asked her to let me know if these happens today as well, and that I shall accompany her to see te Beauty of the nature.

& I dozed off by 11 that night. When I was about to go into the deep sleep , I remember I heard someone was on the door. Someone came in, usually this is very normal that some or the other person comes late night at home.

And then I felt as if someone probably a black shadow of girl similar to my friend came near my bed and holded my hand which was below my head tried to pull me saying ‘come Nikita ,let’s go, let’s go’.

I was struggling to get out of bed with some strange feeling of being sleep paralytic. I opened my eyes just to see that no one was around and the door was as usual locked from inside.

This night was as every other night but turned to be a very ghotsly night giving me goosebumps and still I can’t forget that feeling of her pulling me out of my bed.

A dream which I felt like a live situation and a worst night mare.

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