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While he was not around

We were living out of country for work and as he decided to switch his job, their came a day when he had to exit for new visa processing.

At first I felt that it’s time enjoy the me time, suddenly the daily routines were on pause mode. I used to cook only one time shortcut cooking is what I say. Had manny rice variations in that week. Use to wake up late and had that cheese toast and cheese paratha for whole week. I really had nothing to do after Office and mainly our house was as neat as it was in morning for the rest of the week.

But I realized , this leisure time was no longer a point of happiness for me. That routine of waking up and making lunch for us,his presence , that little mess of ours in our house , that daily chores , that boredom of chores during weekend I soon felt wanting all those.i felt half hearted , I felt something was missing in me and thus I understood my life is around my husband and so is his.

We are like Tom n jerry , we love to hate each other but that is what always keeps our bond the strongest.

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He was my boyfriend but now a Husband:) :)

Hello Ladies,

I was once wondering how would it make a difference in him before and after marriage. Would a wedlock means that his love will fade and so would our relationships essence???

Today when i am finally a ‘MRS’ to him my all unasked questions are answered…..

I saw a big difference in him and his behavior which does not mean in a negative way, infact the difference is in the bond which he has with me. His nature,his support, care and belongingness has just grown immensely powerful.

The way he calls me Wife, Bayko and all those words meaning MRS and the way he shouts out this to the world make me feel much more secured and loved which is just beyond comparison.

He has grown in his own way to be more matured and responsible person , responsible toward me!!!

Rest all is the same , our madness, our love for each other, our compatibility.

This is about my story after marriage… Whats yours??

I believe that the love,affection and bond beholds in each others heart and is not bound to change before or after for any couples.