He was my boyfriend but now a Husband:) :)

Hello Ladies,

I was once wondering how would it make a difference in him before and after marriage. Would a wedlock means that his love will fade and so would our relationships essence???

Today when i am finally a ‘MRS’ to him my all unasked questions are answered…..

I saw a big difference in him and his behavior which does not mean in a negative way, infact the difference is in the bond which he has with me. His nature,his support, care and belongingness has just grown immensely powerful.

The way he calls me Wife, Bayko and all those words meaning MRS and the way he shouts out this to the world make me feel much more secured and loved which is just beyond comparison.

He has grown in his own way to be more matured and responsible person , responsible toward me!!!

Rest all is the same , our madness, our love for each other, our compatibility.

This is about my story after marriage… Whats yours??

I believe that the love,affection and bond beholds in each others heart and is not bound to change before or after for any couples.


Why is it Important for a girl to be educated????

Hello World!!!

Luckily i am in this century where Female Education rate is progressing day by day.

But still i believe their is the other side wherein educating a girl is merely having any IMPORTANCE.


Why still people have this thinking that ‘Shaadi k baad ladki ko sirf ghar sambhalana hota hai’???

I see many educated boys around me saying ‘meri biwi shaadi k baad job chod degi, kya karna hai usko job ka ?? main hoon na??? ‘

Living in 21st century and having people around with such thoughts make me go numb….

Its high time for people to understand the importance of a girl being educated!!!

By Educating her not only would give her opportunities to excel in her professional lives but she can also help you personally, professionally,financially, emotionally in your good and god forbid if anything happens , she would stand with you and your family and for herself in tough times too!!! 

Educate Girl Child, She is not always meant to be in kitchen!!!!


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Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage???

Hola Folks,

From the age when you become aware of Arrange marriage and Love marriage concepts.

You always wonder which one you would fall for???


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So their are both pros and Cons in both of them in their own ways.

Arrange Marriage is wherein it is your parents who decide the soulmate of your life ,Love marriage gives you a chance to make your own choice.

Arrange marriage lets you explore your better half and go through the adrenaline’s of those initial period of togetherness after your marriage , You witness these time before you wedding in love marriage.

You may or may not know each other very well before your marriage in arranged one but you are tip to toe aware of him/her in love locks.

No one ever can win a discussion on which one is better and so yes i would still go on with this fact of life that MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN!!!

but Choosing your partner wise or agreeing your parents decision is ultimately your stand , make it wise and worthy!!!!

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Mandatory Lipstick Shades!!!!

Hello Beautiful Ladies,


Lipsticks are one of the most essential part of us these days, but your collection is incomplete without below shades.

Rose Pink can be used from Day to night and can go with both formal and casual looks and would make you feel fresh being a girly color.

Mocha Brown is slightly edgy and mysterious shade but surely comes to your rescue when you do not have option to flaunt vibrant hues.

Magenta is totally a summer shade a bit bold but would bring a glow of its own on to your face.

Nude Shade are always in can used as an alternative to lip gloss as well.

Deep Red is always a classic shade and a must for night parties and dinner dates.

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5 Amazing facts you will relate to ,if you are self dependent women!!!!

Self dependence is the key to live a happy life for a girl who chooses her own Path.

Here are few facts you will relate to if you are the one,

  1. You know what you want.

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2.You do not compare yourselves to other Women.

3. You set your thin lines by yourselves.

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4. You stand for your selves, your choice


5.You Believe in yourself.

5Be Confident , Be yourselves.

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